Three Months after The Fire March 2001

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Below Feb. 2001

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On the night of Dec. 28, 2000

Catawissa Station Fire

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I had a fire at the Catawissa Train Station, it gutted the second floor along with 1/3 of my railroad collection in two rooms. I was 29 years old in 1979 when I started to restore the station and now I'm 49 and doing everything over.

This site is for all the people that know me & know I do not give up easy. I'm happy to show you week by week on the progress of returning the station back to it's original look. In less than two weeks after the fire, we completely cleaned out the the fire damage to the second floor & remove the complete roof.  On Monday Jan 22 2001    I'll be framing the roof & if weather permitting, we will have the standing seam roof on with in two week. All my links below will be the beginning date of that week with photos of our work.

I'd like to thank all the people who stop by & email me with there caring thoughts.

The photos are my own, we are starting to rebuild this week &  I hope to be done by April Fools Day 2001.

Thank You

Walter D. Gosciminski

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  1. This story is from  Press Enterprise of Bloomsburg.

  2. Two days after the fire 01-01-01 count down

  3. Two weeks Clean up & roof removal 01-14-01

  4. 3rd week / installing trusses 01-22-01

  5. 4th week / cooking pizza + finished roof 01-30-01

  6. 5th Week Sandblasted Station Rooms

  7. 6th Week will update later. Had an accident

  8. 7th Week Feb. 16, 2001 Fell from ladder, photo of my foot.

  9. Feb. 16, 2001
    Had an accident inspecting the fire damage in the train station ceiling. I fell from a 12 foot step-ladder and landed on my right heel.  go in the hospital after the swelling goes down.

    After surgery, I will update our progress on the station.

  10. July 14, 2002 

    Sorry for the late update, but making up for a bad year was almost hell.
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    Didn't have surgery, do not like having extra parts on my heel & ankle that I wasn't born with. Can't walk without a limp, but at 50 who cares. This is the first year I can work on the cabooses again with out being in low gear, what a great feeling to be back again & having ten or more projects going on at once. I feel like I'm three years behind. But things are on the right track know.

    This is our 3rd year for renting cabooses & each year doubles for reservations, we see the same people return or new guests they told about us. We also have people staying an extra day or two.

    We are remodeling our 1910 train station and making it into a bed & breakfast and building a one mile bike path with campsites from Catawissa to the Rupert Train Bridge,  but I do not think we'll have it finished this year?

    I thank God & good luck.



    Walter Gosciminski
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