The week of 01-01-01

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01_roof_facingmain.jpg (13376 bytes)  The station roof facing South (Main Street)01_roof_facingbloom.jpg (13597 bytes)Facing North (Bloomsburg)

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The fire started in the center room floor. This room & the room to the left is where I did my railroad research.



01_fire_rr_room1.jpg (8358 bytes)

Most of my maps & track information was in this room with show & wall displays.

Know what made me really sick to my stomach was that I had two telegraphs from Catawissa area & they were in a candy case. I went up in the morning with a firefighter & you can see the white spot were it was on a old smoke damage news paper + my Catawissa switch key was in the wall case. You can see the outline of it too. Both were in good shape, except for the smoke film. I know who got it, but not mentioning any name now. They have to be a real piece of shit to do that!  After I'm done rebuilding the station, I'll probably pay him a visit, unless it happens to show up unexpectedly in the mail or something?

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