3rd Week After Fire

Jan 22, 2001

Installing the Trusses

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  1. This story is from  Press Enterprise of Bloomsburg.

  2. Two days after the fire 01-01-01 count down

  3. Two weeks Clean up & roof removal 01-14-01

  4. 3rd week / installing trusses 01-22-01

  5. 4th week / cooking pizza + finished roof 01-30-01

  6. 5th Week Sandblasted Station Rooms

  7. 6th Week will update later. Had an accident

  8. 7th Week Feb. 16, 2001 Fell from ladder, photo of my foot.

    I fell from a 12 foot step-ladder and landed on my right heel.  go in the hospital after the swelling goes down.

    After surgery, I will update our progress on the station.



    Three Months after The Fire March 2001

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