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Keeping local railroad history alive in any small town is very expensive, hard work & Fun



This year we will be repainting a couple of our cabooses.

We are just minutes from Knoebel's Amusement in Elysburg.
Free admission, free parking, free picnicking and free entertainment.
The Pioneer Tunnel Mine tour is within 35 minutes.


Make your reservation early for the 2015 (April to October).
Walter Gosciminski  (Owner)
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Where The Heck Is Catawissa

"Preserving Our Local Railroad Heritage Since 1979"

Bring your camera & children they will love it. all the cabooses are displayed outside for great picture taking.

No admission charge (FREE TO THE PUBLIC TO VISIT).

 We have 14 cabooses that has been completely restored and painted in authentic company colors

You can look back on the days when cabooses were common on railroads across North America.

In the early days of railroading, each crew was assigned its own caboose, which served as home for days at a time.
They could watch the cars ahead, sleep, cook and eat their meals. It was a place where the conductor and rear brakeman would do their paperwork.

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Keeping local railroad history alive in any small town is very expensive, hard work & Fun

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2000 Photo

Last year I had a bird's eye view, when I was finishing the upper deck on the station, I saw three locomotives pulling the mile-long Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus train, with four circus cars hauling animals.
This line to Sunbury, Penn., (Wilkes-Barre to Sunbury) was an old Pennsy line and came to the D&H on April 1, 1976. The Delaware and Hudson is presently owned by Canadian Pacific Railway.

Opening night of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus at the Wachovia Arena was on Wednesday, June 1, 2005



Update: We built 4 enclosed picnic shelters 12X16 next to each caboose and one large 10X20.

Great    animationcar.GIF (2908 bytes)   Vacation
Caboose Lodging In 
Retreat from the noise, the concerns, the hustle and bustle of the city.

My younger days

Our 14 Railroad Cabooses are next to the scenic Susquehanna River




If you like the outdoors you will love our location here at the Catawissa Railway
 The perfect get-away with family and friends, 8 cabooses available.


"Your Destination for Family Fun"
Treat yourself to a fresh, fun weekend away.
Our Season is April to October / Caboose Rental
Kids Love Trains!
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           June 07, 2003
We just Finished 8 of our 14 cabooses, with TV/VCR No Cable/, Free movies, electricity, running water,  bathrooms and  3 with showers. 
Our Private His & Her Bathrooms includes two large 42"x42" neo-angle shower
Also our Penn Central caboose has a large neo-angle shower. 
Remember to bring your own bath towels, shampoo and soap

On our  Reservations Form  page you can see photos of each caboose inside and outside


Make your reservations early. Each year our rentals double. 
Family & friends are returning, renting up to eight cabooses a day!
Advance reservations are highly recommended particularly during the summer. Why not make yours today?

PLAN AHEAD. If you're considering a Friday or Saturday stay in the next week or so, we MIGHT still have something available, but keep in mind that we often fill up Friday and Saturday night reservations as much as six weeks in advance. Weekday nights are usually a little easier to get on shorter notice. But if you want to get a specific room on a specific night, try to plan as far ahead as you possibly can, just to be sure. 

(Closed during the winter months)

Take a look at what our guests have to say about staying at our caboose lodge

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Great Nearby Places to Visit

If you like the outdoors, camping, fishing, biking, etc.
  We are just minutes from Knoebel's Amusement in Elysburg. Old Fashioned Family Fun. Knoebels Amusement Resort is a great place for families. Admission to the park is free. Also available are free picnic facilities, offers free parking. The park has a swimming pool and waterslide. Called the Crystal Pool, it's open Memorial Day through Labor Day. Knoebel’s is a wonderful park with something for everyone. They also have a great assortment of coasters and other grown up rides. 50 + rides. Total Distance: 7.71 miles
You may also want to visit. The Bloomsburg Fair, the largest in the state, late September. Total Distance: 5.00 miles
   Also the only national park solely dedicated to railroad history, Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton. It is a museum dedicated to the history of trains. Total Distance: 69.25 miles

Bird's Eye View of The Cabooses
You can even see driving directions with real images


One of the stovescatcabin1.gif (6171 bytes)

We use in are railroad cabooses


As time permits I will be adding photos & what it takes to restore a railroad caboose!

Thelin Comapny stove

Also the best way to go with heating & air-condition without loosing the old time railroad appearances.


We are Dealers for reproduction & Antique looking Stoves.

Below is some before & after photos

Somebody Used It For Shooting Practice

wpe14.jpg (12807 bytes)

Three Weeks Later at The Catawiisa RR Station

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wpe12.jpg (15648 bytes)

NHcab.jpg (14471 bytes)



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Don't Do This At Home  \  Just about lost it

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Caberiecrane.jpg (26334 bytes)

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pccab.JPG (19748 bytes)

We painted all   undercarriage & trucks

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My past hobby & business for 18 years \ older car restoration \ that was fun \ some people never grow up!

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Catawissa Railroad Co.
Whistle Stop Fence Co.
119 Pine Street
Catawissa, Pa 17820

Best Call Early Mornings 570-356-2345

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Thelin Co. Inc. is the only company in the world that manufactures state of the art pellet and gas stoves with an old time "Parlour, Pot Belly" look. These hand-crafted heaters are meticulously made to the highest quality standards, and surpass all EPA clean air standards.
We use these in our 1910 train station & railroad cabooses.

1999.11.11@12.32.34.jpg (27640 bytes)



Thelin Gnome Pellet or Gas Heater


The Little Gnome Pellet heater is designed to heat up to 1000 square feet and is ideal for a Caboose, back room, addition, small cabin or mobile home. Standing just 34" tall the Gnome can fit where other "box" type heaters are simply too big and is easy to install and operate. Enjoy hours of trouble-free heating with the environmentally safe pellet fuel.

Price Range

Price depends on decor options such as gold, chrome, color etc.

[Gnome Pellet Heater]




This 36,000 BTU heater is equipped with a variable speed room fan and log set as standard equipment. The "B" vent technology is ideal for retro-fitting to old woodstove chimneys.

Parlour 3000 B Vent Gas

All Parlour 3000 stoves are available in two window options, as shown in photo on Parlour 3000 Pellet page.

DESCRIPTION: Vent combustion air comes from in room -- stove requires "B" Vent pipe up through ceiling or up 2' out and up through eve.


Height: 42"

Weight: 130 lbs

Diameter: 20"

Exhaust: Draft hood
on back - 4" "B" Vent pipe


High: 36,000 BTU (Natural Gas)
Low: 21,600 BTU (Natural Gas)
Efficiency: 74%

High: 33,000 BTU (Propane)
Low: 18,500 BTU (Propane)
Efficiency: 75%


Back wall: 1.5"

Side wall: 15"

Corner wall: 3"

Alcove approved

50" wide x 27" deep

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Take a visual tour of the real thing!
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We are near Bloomsburg, Danville, Berwick, Harrisburg, Sunbury, Williamsport, Reading, Milton, Lewisburg. Also we are close to Knoebel's Park one of the best Family entertainment around. Knoebels coaster, The Phoenix One of the Top 10 Coasters in the World! Train Ride.  Knoebel's Amusement Park in Elysburg, Pennsylvania. This exciting family destination is one of the largest free-admission parks in the country. + Bloomsburg Fair, held annually in September/October, Pennsylvania's biggest fair.

Park group again names Knoebels top family spot

ELYSBURG Knoebels Amusement Park and Resort was voted "Best Park for Families" by members of the National Amusement Park Historical Association (NAPHA).

Knoebels beat out Walt Disney World and other parks from across the country for the honor, according to a NAPHA press release.

The local park has been voted the top spot for families since 1999.

In other categories:

 The Phoenix roller coaster was voted "Favorite Wooden Coaster" by group members for the second time in three years.

 Knoebels tied for "Favorite Traditional Park" with Kennywood, which is located near Pittsburgh.

 The park tied for second in the "Most Beautiful Park" category; a park in the Netherlands was also voted second. The top choice was Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va.

NAPHA is the country's largest amusement park enthusiast organization. The results were from its 19th annual Amusement Parks and Attractions survey.


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We are only a stone throw away from Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg, Pa & The Bloomsburg Fair

Any Questions you can Email  at

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Information on our rentals: Lots of Photos

  Bird's Eye View of The Cabooses
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bullet New for 2004  Our family camping picnic area
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UPDATE            June 07, 2003
6 of our 14 cabooses have bathrooms, 5 with showers



Award Winning Site!

June 21, 1999
PA Destination of the Day



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Great Railroad Caboose Video 

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We have been lucky enough to have GREAT guests over the years. Here is a collection of some of their thoughts. It includes input from honeymooners, families and singles, railroad lovers, train watchers, fishermen and naturalists. They express what it's like better than we ever could.

Take a look at what our guests have to say about staying at our caboose lodge