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"Preserving Our Railroad Heritage Since 1979"

So, you are thinking about buying a 25 ton caboose and moving to your back yard?

See what it takes to move 14 REAL CABOOSES 

A must if you are thinking of moving a caboose and don't know what's involved.  Or just plain interesting for Kids & Adults!!!  See something most won't ever see in a lifetime!  Buy your copy today. 

Just finished my caboose video! 

See what it takes to move 14 REAL CABOOSES to your back yard.

NOTE read this first!

This is not a Hollywood made movie, does not have anywhere near the cinematic quality of
a standard Hollywood movie.
It's only a homespun video tape!
My main objective is to show you what's evolved in moving a caboose, before you buy one.

 There are some scenes that are a little grainy, also s little camera shake caused by,
for example, an unsteady hand.
 Most of these clips were shot from inside a crane, heavy pay loader, moving vehicles
 or hanging on the side of a railroad bridge,etc.
Hope you get the idea?
 (Example: Videoing from semi-truck on the interstate)

Which is petty cold.
 You'll see my Penn Central Caboose only 15 feet away going down Interstate
 80 about seventy miles an hour and listen to the other truckers comments on there CB's

 These are live action clips, there is no AUCTION, CUT, RETAKE
when you have a 50 ton crane waiting at $700 per hour.

How often do you get to see REAL footage of moving a 
caboose or steam engine.

Here, you get the REAL thing!!
You will not be disappointed if you buy this movie. 

Do not buy it, if your "a movie critic" this is not a Bambi movie. 
Buying & Moving Cabooses nothing other than that!

TOTAL ONLY $60.00 includes shipping


1998.03.30@12.06.04.jpg (86982 bytes)

 This was a burn out caboose when I bought it 

Hard to believe this New Haven looks so good today

Great Railroad Caboose Video 

(2 + Hours)


Also available in DVD video

Check and see if your DVD Player can play DVD-Video disks

From 1996 to 2002. Photos of wood & steel cabooses in Pennsylvania. Some still available for sale.
added one hour of moving our NYC caboose 38 miles to the train station, also  our 1931 steam engine at the station. May 20 & 21 2003


Some of the odd places to find a caboose!

SAVE  $$$$  SAVE

   This video will save you Time & Money, if your going to buy a caboose.

Over 100 caboose when I took this photo

Make a Great Gift

See what it takes to move a REAL CABOOSE to your back yard.

Buying a caboose is one thing; moving it is another

I'm also combining both video's below on one tape. It will cover all the (14) cabooses I own.
You'll see all them on this video and what it took me to move them from site to the Catawissa Station. My first eight cabs (1996) came from Renova PA,  (1997) two from Altoona, Hollidaysburg PA shops, (1998) one from New Jersey and two more from Renova. Our video take you behind the scenes as well as to each location. Watch & listen to the moving crew.  Live sound, plus some narration and some music have been added to bring you 60 minutes of what it takes to find & move a caboose. All sound heard on the video is from field recordings, voice-overs are limited to explanatory material such as stills and diagrams.


TOTAL ONLY $60.00 includes shipping

North Shore Railroad bring two in from Renova

I copied cuts from all my home video's on each caboose (14). It covers from laying track at the station & river bridge to picking out eight cabooses from forty of them, sandblasting, painting, lettering, finishing touches are all covered.

(2 + Hours)

This video is ready for shipment, it covers everything I had to do, when I bought my 14 cabooses. Lots of still photos & scanned copies of all my bills, crane costs, bill of sale from the railroads, shipping receipts, etc. 

Good evening Walter, 

Sorry for the delayed response.  The video was a huge hit.  My father has discussed a caboose for the past 25 years.  Guess his dream is now mine also.  I appreciate you getting the tape in the mail so quickly.  I personally have only watched about 20 minutes, but will be borrowing it from him in the near future.  I wish you the best of luck in your projects and hope to see them in Pennsylvania some day.  My father made several comments on how well the video was put together.  He has watched 3 times already! 

Best Regards,

Hi Walt...I bought your caboose video and learned a lot..!!  Was very interesting and looks like you put some real work into your projects !!..I will be up to visit for sure...thanks again............ Joe in Jim Thorpe ,Pa...


Hi Walt,

I’m in Florida on Vacation. Brought the video with me and had a look a couple of weeks ago. It was well worth the cost to see what is really necessary to turn one of those cabooses into living quarters. Thanks for sharing this information with the rest of us.

Kind regards,

Rod Morris




bullet60 minutes / What to Look for before Buying a Caboose

Places to look first for a caboose & when not to buy one


Picking out from 40 Cabooses. Wood or steel cabooses which one to get?


Caboose with converted friction to roller bearing trucks


Laying track above or below ground which way would be best for your plans + Best time to lay out the utilities


Purchase price for 8  cabooses 


Finding the history of your caboose and its original condition


Have things ready before the Big Day


Doing rough grade leveling, setting ties into location, water line, electrical, sewer line, phone, air line for caboose whistle



60 minutes / Will cover moving & painting cabooses.

 Move 103 miles by  2 railroad Co.


Hoisting the cab onto one flatbed and the trucks onto another.


Take a trip down interstate 80 with a caboose in front of you.


Visit Altoona and Hollidaysburg in PA, You see how we loaded two cabooses


Watch us unload a caboose without a crane, safest, fastest and most economical way


See how we chained the trucks to the underframe of the caboose and place it on my RR bridge


Hard part - made easy, refurbishing and restoring  


Setup a sandblaster, hydraulic push jacks & high pressure washer


Interior shots before and after


Spray paint the inside & outside, cutting windows and trim work


Computer cut vinyl lettering; save $$$ money $$$ do it yourself vinyl graphics and logos


Location & Installation, watch how I do the cutting, weeding, layering and masking computer-cut vinyl lettering and graphics in my shop & installing them on the caboose.


See how we completely redone our caboose with new knotty pine wood work


Added one hour moving our NYC caboose 38 miles to the train station, also moving our 1931 steam engine at the station. May 20 & 21 2003

It will cost you only $60! not bad, before you get any crazy ideas about a caboose!

We made home movies on every caboose we have (14 Total ) over a hundred video hours will be cut. You'll see the 50 ton working cranes and trucks we used.

They will include the places where we started to move them, plus placing them at the station & bridge, also video & photo clips of us restoring them. In all, this will give you a chance to see what it takes from the beginning to end on Buying & Moving a caboose.

TOTAL ONLY $60.00 includes shipping

Remember to include YOUR name and postal address, so that we know where to send the video.

Make check to              Walter Gosciminski

Send Payment To

Walter Gosciminski
111 Main Street
Catawissa, Pa. 17820

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TOTAL ONLY $60.00 includes shipping



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Decommissioned railroad cabooses now are a hot item for hobby/craft room, children's club house, roadside coffee stands, offices, model railroad club,  lodging and cabins, fetching thousands of dollars apiece in surplus sales.

wpe7.jpg (6791 bytes)

Before        &           After

You'll see all this work in my video

CR21215N21.gif (142785 bytes)

crp.gif (138786 bytes)

lvBefore.gif (77968 bytes)

ne619805.gif (47207 bytes)

1998.03.30@12.06.04.jpg (86982 bytes)


after6.gif (317017 bytes)

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 Click Caboose Name to see photos

Below is all the Cabooses in this video

  1. ERIE C237   N-3A                       ex Erie Lackawanna      ex Conrail 19662 

  2. Reading 92039    N-4             ex Conrail 18772  

  3. Reading  94054    N-4A           ex Conrail 18852

  4. Reading 94100     N-20     ex Conrail 22139    One of Reading Last cabooses ordered.

  5. Lehigh Valley 95039   N-5G    ex Conrail 18647

  6. Lehigh Valley 95067    ex Conrail 18627

  7. Lehigh Valley 95046    ex Conrail 18655

  8. ATSF 1717    

  9. New Haven 705     NE-6          ex Penn Central 19805   ex Conrail 19805

  10. New Haven 605     NE-6          ex Penn Central 19843   ex Conrail 19843

  11. PRR 478144        N-8              ex Penn Central 23378   ex Conrail  23378

  12. Penn Central 18381  N9-E    ex Conrail

  13. Conrail 21215          N-21            Conrail's first and only true cabooses.

  14. New York Central             Wooden Box Car Converted,     Moved 2003

bulletERIE C237 ex CR 19662 ex EL
bulletRDG 92039 ex CR 18772
bulletRD 94054 ex CR 18852
bulletLV 95039 ex CR 18647
bulletCR 18446 ex PC ex ATSF 1717
bulletNH 705 ex CR/PC 19805
bulletNH 605 ex CR/PC 19843
bulletPRR 478144 ex CR/PC 23378
bulletPC 18381 ex CR
bulletCR 21215
bulletCR 22139 ex RDG 94100
bulletCR 18627 ex LV 95067
bulletCR 18655 ex LV 95046



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We are near Bloomsburg, Danville, Berwick, Harrisburg, Sunbury, Williamsport, Reading, Milton, Lewisburg. Also we are close to Knoebel's Park one of the best Family entertainment around. Knoebels coaster, The Phoenix One of the Top 10 Coasters in the World! Train Ride.  Knoebel's Amusement Park in Elysburg, Pennsylvania. This exciting family destination is one of the largest free-admission parks in the country. + Bloomsburg Fair, held annually in September/October, Pennsylvania's biggest fair.

Park group again names Knoebels top family spot

ELYSBURG Knoebels Amusement Park and Resort was voted "Best Park for Families" by members of the National Amusement Park Historical Association (NAPHA).

Knoebels beat out Walt Disney World and other parks from across the country for the honor, according to a NAPHA press release.

The local park has been voted the top spot for families since 1999.

In other categories:

 The Phoenix roller coaster was voted "Favorite Wooden Coaster" by group members for the second time in three years.

 Knoebels tied for "Favorite Traditional Park" with Kennywood, which is located near Pittsburgh.

 The park tied for second in the "Most Beautiful Park" category; a park in the Netherlands was also voted second. The top choice was Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va.

NAPHA is the country's largest amusement park enthusiast organization. The results were from its 19th annual Amusement Parks and Attractions survey.


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UPDATE            June 07, 2003
6 of our 14 cabooses have bathrooms, 5 with showers



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Great Railroad Caboose Video 

TOTAL ONLY $60.00 includes shipping
(2 Hours)



We have been lucky enough to have GREAT guests over the years. Here is a collection of some of their thoughts. It includes input from honeymooners, families and singles, railroad lovers, train watchers, fishermen and naturalists. They express what it's like better than we ever could.

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