Lehigh Valley $95



This one has  three twins for overnight stays.

Inside Bathroom


You'll receive keys to a large private indoor shower room, note these are not like a campground showers!

For more information call 570-356-2345

We kept everything almost original in the cabooses, so it not like a motel room 
You will be staying in a REAL CABOOSE!

Of course we added some of the comforts of home.

bullet Air Conditioning
bullet Outside Charcoal  Grill
bullet TV/VCR (Local Area)
bullet Outside Chairs
  • Heating
  • Picnic Area
  • RR Videos
  • Alarm Clock




  • Microwave
  • Radio
  • Deck
  • Refrigerator
  • His & Hers Large Private Restrooms with showers.
    This is Located in a new 20 X 20 building next to the
    We kept the inside of the cabooses as original as possible.
  • Bring Your Own Bath Linens/Sm Charge For Ours
  • Freight Trains Pass Daily
  • Private Parking, Next Each Caboose



Little History


X-Conrail # 18647

Restored Back To Lehigh Valley

# 95039  N-5G

The exterior paint and lettering of this Lehigh caboose was restored by Walter Gosciminski.

Lehigh Cabooses # 95027-95041         Built 04/24/44    Cost $5514

This Northeastern caboose is being restored at The Catawissa Rail Road Company.

We'll be restoring the interior and windows this spring.
The Reading RR Co. had many of these in their fleet,  Class NMj of which we have on display.         


Photo August 1997

The Same Caboose Oct 8 1996

Conrail # 18647 one of 92 that they had on their roster in 1976
Conrail had a building date stenciled on the side 06-44 and N-5G
Lehigh Valley had 140 at one time.

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